Anthropop style, my books and my photos

I am a cultural anthropologist. I teach Sociology and Anthropology of tourism at the Campus of Lucca (Pisa University). I am a  member of the International Scientific Council for Island Development (Paris) and of the Associazione Italiana per le Scienze Etnoantropologiche (Rome). Since 1992 I hold seminars and lectures, mostly outside the academic milieu.
As field research, I joined an expedition to India, directed by prof. Paul Bouissac from Toronto Victoria University (Canada) aimed to find out the sacred origins of traditional circus performances. After the tsunami (2004) I took part in a governmental project of community development in Sri Lanka. For ten years I worked on staff, as Anthropology editor, for the Italian geographical magazine "Airone". Then I started producing video documentaries (in Africa, Central and South America) which have been internationally distributed. Through these experiences, I traveled extensively to all continents.

Anthropop style

I’m particularly interested in bridging the gap between both physical and cultural anthropology, and  academy and  public at large. That's why I also give multimedia talks concerning different topics. My presentations are mash-up events which include old and modern paintings, photos, cartoons, music, readings, video, found footage and film clips.

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