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Duccio Canestrini (1956) teaches Sociology and Anthropology of tourism at the Campus of Lucca (Pisa University). He is member of the International Scientific Council for Island Development (Paris) and of Associazione Italiana per le Scienze Etnoantropologiche (Rome).

The topics of his lectures span from travel evolutions (mobility, ecotourism, hospitality, security) to body issues: wellness, body language and decorations, history of anthropology. These presentations are multimedia events, including old and modern pictures, sounds, readings, video clips.

As field research, Duccio Canestrini joined an expedition to India, directed by prof. Paul Bouissac from Toronto Victoria University (Canada) aimed to find out the sacred origins of traditional circus performances. For ten years has worked on staff, as anthropology editor, for the Italian geographical magazine "Airone". Through this experience, he has traveled extensively to all the continents. After the tsunami (2004) he took part in a governmental project of community development in Sri Lanka.

He also directed five video documentaries (in Africa, Central and South America) which have been internationally distributed. Since 1992 holds seminars and lectures in Cultural Anthropology, in and outside academic milieu.

Duccio Canestrini has published the following books:

Turistario-Turistary (1993)
Una penna tra i tamburi (1993)
Il supplizio dei tritoni (1994)
Turpi tropici-Troubled Tropics (1997)
Trofei di viaggio-Travel Trophies (2001)
Andare a quel paese-No more Innocents abroad (2003)
Non sparate sul turista-Don't shoot the Tourist (2004).
I misteri del monte di Venere (2010)

Antropop. La tribù globale (2014)

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