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Intruders in sacred territory. | 09/11/2010 14:00 |

In this article authors Myrna Eindhoven, Gerard A. Persoon and Laurens Bakker look at how the programme Groieten terug was received in Dutch anthropological circles, and examine the relation between academic anthropology and entertainment programmes which are popularly associated with it. more

Spotlight on Local Laws Turns La Dolce Vita a Bit Sour | 19/08/2008 14:00 |
New York Times interview with Duccio Canestrini, 19 August 2008

Poverty reduction and the creation of sustainable employment through the promotion of tourism in the indigenous communities of the Ancash region | 15/05/2007 13:00 |

Diocese Commission of Social Pastoral Service (Comision Diocesana de Servicio Pastoral Social (CODISPAS) more
Sustainable Tourism in Kerala (India) | 12/12/2005 13:00 |

Claudia Romiti.
Equation 2005 - Globalverkstan 2005.
Un caso di studio sui vantaggi e sugli impatti culturali, sociali e ambientali del turismo in questa regione.
(English, 37 pages) more

A Sustainable World Through Prostitution | 10/10/2000 13:00 |

By Anita Pleumarom - Third World Network
(Ironia sulla sostenibilitÓ e sul concetto di turismo sostenibile)

Equipped with the concept of sustainable development and Agenda 21 - the central
document of the Rio Earth Summit - it has become possible to turn virtually every
development activity into an environmentally friendly venture. With the arrival of
sustainable industrial and agricultural production, sustainable logging, and
sustainably managed wood plantations, hydro-power dams and golf courses, we
seem to have made a big leap forward to save the Earth (...) Just think of prostitution which is the oldest profession in the world. Like tourism, it is a truly global activity and a multi-million dollar business. It is also a considerable foreign exchange earner in developing countries which have experienced a sex tourism boom (...) Therefore, I suggest that more attention be paid to sustainable prostitution (SP) in order to transform inevitable prostitution into a more responsible and beneficial industry.

Third World Network

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